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logo design  Order Online...

Intermediate Logo Design Package $450 (inc GST)

Our intermediate logo design package is a step-up from the starter package and incorporates a graphic, icon or symbol within the core logo design.

Call us for a chat on (03) 9421 3311 or click 'order logo package' to get started today.

Highly conceptual, bursting full of ideas, this style of expert logo design becomes the basis to create an iconic and amazing brand architecture. The graphic within your new quality logo will create a recognized symbol for your business to be noticed.

 Logo Design Package features:

Great value boutique logo design for only $450 inc GST

You will receive a MINIMUM of 4
quality logo design concepts.

Allows up to 3 rounds revisions

You own the full copyright and will receive all the final digital files via email.

 Logo file formats:

EPS FILE : Vector image file CYMK, Illustrator Resizable, Transparent. External print use.

TIFF FILE : Pixel image file CYMK, Photoshop, Transparent. External print use.

PNG FILE : Pixel image file RGB, Photoshop, Transparent. Internal office use, such as Word, plus online applications.

JPEG FILE : Pixel image file RGB, Photoshop, White background. Internal office use, such as Word, plus online applications.

Intermediate Logo Package Examples: