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logo design  Order Online...

Advanced Logo Design Package $695 (inc GST)

Our advanced logo design package has all the bells and whistles and is highly embellished in 3D.

Call us for a chat on (03) 9421 3311 or click 'order logo package' to get started today.

That's a three dimensional, highly embellished, life-like, professional logo with depth and dimension. With just a little more investment, we bring your logo to life. People really do reach out and touch the logo as if they really are 3 dimensional.

 Logo Design Package features:

Boutique logo design with incredible detail and finish for $695 inc GST

You will receive a MINIMUM of 4
quality logo design concepts.

Allows up to 3 rounds revisions

You own the full copyright and will receive all the final digital files via email.

 Logo file formats:

EPS FILE : Vector image file CYMK, Illustrator Resizable, Transparent. External print use.

TIFF FILE : Pixel image file CYMK, Photoshop, Transparent. External print use.

PNG FILE : Pixel image file RGB, Photoshop, Transparent. Internal office use, such as Word, plus online applications.

JPEG FILE : Pixel image file RGB, Photoshop, White background. Internal office use, such as Word, plus online applications.

Advanced Logo Package Examples: